Manufacturing in our communities is vital to economic opportunity, expansion and prosperity. Over the past 15 years most high-schools and middle-schools have eliminated industrial technology/industrial arts from their curriculum offering. Inserted in its place are more academic and testing requirements for our students. Now, the 2018 graduation requirements have changed and this program is designed to meet these new requirements as well as the requirements of the local manufacturer and give students a great  career option.

Technology rapidly transforms the culture and our workplaces causing the need for a higher level trained/educated student and workforce. Thus, in part this has helped to create a skills gap. College is the prize and hands-on work is the alternative. Unfortunately, that is a misguided and incomplete picture of what is needed in the marketplace.

Manufacturers need students who are teachable and prepared for work. They can train individuals to do the work and provide the Career Pathways leading to advancement. Transformation Network has worked alongside the manufacturer, to help develop an educational and training pathway for any student who desires to begin a career in manufacturing with a solid foundation in this CPT+ Credential.

All seniors entering the CPT+ credential program will participate in:

  1. Quality Practices & Measurement
  2. Safety
  3. Manufacturing Processes & Production
  4. Maintenance Awareness
  5. Soft Skills
  6. On the Job Training (OJT)/Internships/Externships
  7. Work Ethic