In this era of entitlement we see many workplace issues. The biggest asset for any company is people. The Transformation Network is a Christian-Based organization that develops people to their fullest potential. Only those people having the same desire will accomplish this goal. Therefore, we implemented our 3T’S 2 Transformation, workforce development program. This process has been successful for any person serious about their future. Entry-level job retention rates after five years are as high as 62%. God has a perfect plan for us and we want to fulfill it. Whether you believe the same things we do or not our program is the most successful entry-level program in the country. If you employ people you may want to contact us!


Transformation Network began as a ministry of Park Street Brethren Church of Ashland, Ohio. In July 1999 President/Founder Dan Phillip left the church to start Transformation Network on $5,000 and the grace of God. From the inception of our calling the ministry has always sought to go beyond the walls of denominationalism, and has worked closely with women and men stuck in the welfare trap. We continue to affirm, as we did in the early stages of the ministry, that dependency on welfare is a lifestyle that God does not want for us; rather it is the responsibility of the Church to assist those who are unable to support themselves in overcoming life’s disadvantages.

The next 12-18 months was a time of valuable learning and growth for the organization. Through our interaction with clients we discovered that many of the people who live in poverty are not in this lifestyle because society is against them; rather it is from generational behaviors and beliefs that individuals find themselves trapped in the cycle of poverty. Further, we found that most people in generational poverty do not value education, healthy lifestyles or regular church attendance. In fact, many people we encounter have out-of-wedlock births at a high rate, abuse drug and alcohol early in life, drop out of school to make money, participate in criminal activity, have been incarcerated and embrace a self-centered approach to life. These individuals are not equipped to access the opportunities available in our society. As a rule, most people in poverty qualify for free education, free healthcare, free food, free automobile purchases and repairs, drastically reduced or free housing, and the list of handouts continues. We believe in providing for the practical needs of every individual while educating those persons to access opportunities in the free market system.

In 2001, we purchased our  first facility and began our WINGS life skills program in the Ashland County Jail. This program quickly became the cornerstone of the Transformation Network. In addition to continuing our WINGS program in Ashland County, we have provided this program to the Wayne County Jail since 2004. Our program in Ashland County enabled us to make connections with men and women in the jail who would either be released back into the community or sent on to prison. The more persons we met in jail meant the more people we were able to help once they left the jail or were released from prison.

In 2010, we purchased our second facility and began to offer services to any individual looking for work. We offer a variety of services  that assist, mainly manufacturing employers. Transformation Network helps the employer with technical training to fill the widening skills gap, job placement, retention, staffing, packaging, assembly, CNC Machining and Training among just a few of the offerings we have in two states. Our programs have been utilized by many companies in Ohio and now Indiana and Kentucky. Preparing people for entry-level work is our expertise. We also offer the only Certification for our NIMS CNC Machine Operator Training program in the Northern half of Ohio.

We offer services that benefit both the employer and employee. Check out our Workforce Solutions page to see everything we offer, in comparison to a traditional staffing service.