A Revolution is Coming...

What is the first thing you think when you hear, “Revolution”? The Transformation Network isn’t just changing the way workforce development is done we are revolutionizing it. In fact we are taking it from the old, Workforce Development, to the new, Workforce Creation! The world reinvents itself every five years or less therefore we must lead the way in looking to change, innovate, and create solutions for manufacturers, workers, careers, technical training...the list is endless.

Transformation Network has designed a model that truly works. But, like every business model, we are constantly transforming and tweaking our processes to make everyone better. Our business, our targets, our world is constantly changing and evolving; it is up to us and our partners to find solutions to meet these demands.

Our workforce creation model is one that reaches out to many points in the manufacturing world. A skills gap exists between the schools that prepare people for the world and the skills needed by the local manufacturer. This gap is one of too few skilled workers.
Manufacturing has never left America, and we won’t let it go. We will fill this skills gap to keep manufacturing #1 in the world.

Join us and our Revolution! Together we will keep manufacturing #1 in the World by providing opportunities for hands-on experiences in technical training for people of all ages. Do not let this opportunity to be a revolutionary in keeping the United States on top of the Manufacturing Mountain!

A Revolution is coming, will you be a part of something greater than yourself?

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Transformation Network offers a variety of training to help fill the current skills gap that keeps growing. This skills gap is opening up millions of jobs in the United