Developmental Training

Transformation Network focuses on improving the soft skill set and leadership of our job seekers, employees and those already employed at a local manufacturer, through developmental training. We understand the need for employees to possess real life skills, which many of them lack before entering our program. Whether it’s working together as a team, leadership, conflict management, or communication, the Transformation Network’s proven curriculum will help improve the quality of employees and leaders for our employers.


The purpose and goal of our leadership training is to develop and implement a strategy that encourages employee engagement, while providing opportunities for employees to advance their careers by providing leadership pathways at all levels of employment. Our mentor style leadership training is aimed at transforming the workplace culture, starting at the top. Learn More.

Transformation Network provides a customized training approach to their leadership program but aims at accomplishing the following objectives through one-on-one meetings and group hands-on activities.

Overview of Leadership Objectives

  1. A great culture starts at the top. Great culture rises and falls on Leadership. Culture trumps everything.
  2. Learning to lead better helps us impact the world around us in a positive manner.
  3. Leadership is influence. Increasing one’s influence helps that person lead more effectively.
  4. Leadership is a process not a position. Leading requires action not mere words.
  5. Management is not leadership. Management keeps things the same and leadership works with people and their dynamics.
  6. Leadership creates change and promotes growth.

“We tried other leadership training before. The training provided manuals and classroom instruction and it had some merit. But, when the Transformation Network approached us about their leadership training efforts it sounded like a different approach. They utilized a one-on-one approach along with the relevant group hands-on activities that made a positive impact on our leadership team. In fact it changed our on-boarding process. Since this training our leadership looks at work situations differently and our turnover rates have reduced. Excellent job Transformation Network.”
– John Newby (Munich Welding)


Transformation Network also provides a customized training approach to their soft skills training. Some of the areas addressed through their developmental training include:

  • Paradigm shifts
  • Mediocrity vs. excellence
  • Personality types
  • Personal mission statement
  • Goals (S.M.A.R.T. vs. D.U.M.B.)
  • Life management (priorities)
  • How to avoid self-defeating behaviors
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork ability
  • Interview skills
  • And many more!

“Thank you and your team for the outstanding training program you developed for our Ashland Manufacturing Plant. I was very impressed that while you provided a framework and training materials, you were able to modify the training based on our feedback and needs to create an impactful session for all of our associates. The survey results were phenomenal, showing tangible examples of our team putting the training into action to deliver business results. I’ve been given testimonials from our team that put this effort among the top training experiences our associates have had in their careers.”
– Jeremy Bowen (Snyders-Lance)