Temp to Hire

When you need to respond quickly to new market opportunities and fill short-term staffing needs, the Transformation Network’s Temp-to-Hire program may be the right option for you. We understand the need for flexibility when it comes to ramping up and staffing down your workforce. Temporary staffing can quickly provide essential resources to address opportunities as they arise without added onboarding costs or increased unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance liabilities.

In addition, if a temporary worker proves to be a good fit for the position and your organization, you will have the opportunity to retain these individuals as a full-time, permanent employee. The Transformation Network’s Temp-to-Hire program is a great option for testing a potential employee’s fit, and offers a lower up-front financial investment than a direct-hire approach.

Direct Hire

When your business is looking to fill ongoing, long-term staffing needs, the Transformation Network’s Direct Hire service may be the smarter option. Our Direct Hire candidates participate in pre-employment training programs that have been proven effective in improving the quality of entry-level hires. This service is especially valuable for businesses hiring for professional or technical roles with a specific skill-set requirement. The Transformation Network will recruit and screen employees so you can focus on your business.

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