Building Bridges to Industry

We understand that one of the biggest challenges facing American manufacturers is finding motivated and reliable skilled laborers to fill workforce needs. Today, the number of persons enrolled in a career & technical manufacturing education program is below 5% of the total population. There are limited industry certifications available, and less than 22% of those enrolled in a certification program actually graduate on-time.

Not long ago, skilled workers were the backbone of the American middleclass. Many individuals earned an honest, respectable living in these positions. However, the desire for a career in manufacturing fell once many of these jobs were sent overseas in order for American manufacturers to stay competitive in the world markets.

Now, through innovation and technology, America is once again becoming a dominant global player in manufacturing. Output has soared since the end of the recession, and with this increase, a surge in manufacturing employment has also occurred.

Building Bridges to Industry (BBI) hopes to close the gap between those manufacturers looking for a dependable, skilled workforce and individuals in our communities who desperately want to develop their skills and earn a career. We believe it is our responsibility to provide opportunity for individuals within our community, and one of the greatest opportunities that exist today is within our expanding and growing manufacturing base.

To achieve these goals, Transformation Network has developed a true partnership between our not-for profit organization and local manufacturers. Building Bridges to Industry will consist of the following opportunities within the program:

  1. Manufacturing partner identifies skills needed for current openings and future opportunities, and the Transformation Network develops a customized training program for this skill set
  2. Transformation Network provides a qualified trainer or instructor, and if specialized tools, equipment or supplies are needed, manufacturing partner supplies them for necessary training
  3. Once compatible recruit completes evaluation and initial training, manufacturing partner must provide a job shadow, part-time work, or a combination of training and part-time work to the recruit.
  4. Transformation Network will provide a job/life coach to job sites in order to build relationships and reduce turnover rates
  5. Manufacturing partner will continue hiring applicants through Transformation Network as its staffing partner, while developing sub-vendor relationships to simplify training and hiring process
  6. Additional training and educational opportunities will be provided by the manufacturing partner for the new hires with assistance of the Transformation Network
  7. Transformation Network will work with manufacturing partner’s HR department and other staff personnel to develop best practices and to attract new recruits
  8. Manufacturing partner and Transformation Network will work together to spearhead additional marketing efforts

With our combined efforts through this unique partnership, we can help put our community members to work and strengthen our local manufacturers. To find out more information on the program please Contact Us.