Leadership Team

Dan Phillip, President & Founder

Dan was born in Canton, Ohio and began his career with Park Street Brethren Church as the Operations Manager. During his time with Park Street Brethren, Dan was called to help women who relied on welfare and developed a mentoring program to teach life skills and cultivate healthy relationships between the women and their families.

Through the Transformation Network, Dan is able to increase awareness of opportunities that exist in manufacturing. To accomplish this goal, Dan and his team work with local manufacturers, economic development teams, Middle School and High Schools and Chambers of Commerce to develop, organize, train and market different programs that increase the number of people willing to pursue a career in manufacturing.

One aspect of his job he enjoys the most is the opportunity to bring students at an early age and manufacturers together to introduce them to the dynamic world of manufacturing. Ways he accomplishes this is by providing internships, hands-on training, work ethic and credential opportunities for students upon high school graduation.

He has helped establish the Advancing Industry Task Force of Ashland County and has been a Small Business of the Year and Non-Profit of the Year (State of Ohio) finalist. He is involved with the Ashland Chamber of Commerce,  The Advancing Industry Task Force, The Ministerial Association, Ashland University’s Business & Economic Development Committee and Firelands Area Manufacturing Alliance (F.A.M.A.) (in cooperation with the Bellevue Development Corporation).

Outside of work, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife, Kim, as well as their children and grandchildren. He also enjoys reading, learning about early American history, and is passionate about his Christian faith.


Wayne Mullet, Director of Finance

Wayne joined the Transformation Network with over 20 years of ministry experience and has worked his way up from an entry level position to our Dir. of Finance. Wayne thrives when he sees his co-workers growing and learning. The synergy that Wayne is able to help create at Transformation Network allows the organization to grow to levels that no single individual could achieve. In addition to the team atmosphere that Wayne has been able to cultivate, he has also been instrumental in a number of different technical training implementations and has worked to increase the quality of trainers and new hires within the program.

Outside of the office, Wayne enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. You can usually find Wayne and his wife at Barnes and Noble on Saturday afternoons reading and relaxing, or working on projects at home. He also is passionate about impacting people for Christ outside the church as well as teaching a weekly Bible class in his local church.