Employer Services


T-Net's Workforce Development Programs Have a Proven Record of Success!
  • Pre-Employment Training has created a 200% increase in job retention rates.
  • Outsourcing helps production and can take place inside your facility or in ours.
  • Our life coaches and team leaders work right alongside your entry-level personnel.
  • Our web portal provides you with an easy tool to communicate with us, place job orders, check and approve time sheets, and seek qualified candidates for open positions.




Case Study: IB-Tech, a Partnership That Works.
We began talking with IB Tech about resolving their Monday and Friday absenteeism issues. Together we solved the problem with a pool of entry-level candidates who wanted to work. The process went something like this:

  • We hired a Line Manager with good communication and organizational skills.
  • The Line Manager was a motivator who created a bridge between IB-Tech and Transformation Network.
  • We developed a pool of talented entry-level people.
  • We provided training and orientation.
  • We developed a time-tracking system and administrative procedures to ensure results.
  • IB-Tech's absenteeism improved significantly and production was stabilized!