Customer Testimonials

Snyder's-Lance Team Site Director, Jeremy Bowen...
"Thank you and your team for the outstanding training program you developed for our Ashland Manufacturing Plant. I was very impressed that while you provided a framework and training materials, you were able to modify the training based on our feedback and needs to create an impactful session for all of our associates. The survey results were phenomenal, showing tangible examples of our team putting the training into action to deliver business results. I’ve been given testimonials from our team that put this effort among the top training experiences our associates have had in their careers.

Your team provided a level of needed training expertise that we did not readily have. The training allowed people to reflect on how they can improve as individuals to make a positive impact on the team around them. The teamwork, communication and conflict resolution skills have enabled us to move our culture forward as we build a stronger, empowered organization that exceeds business expectations.

Thanks for making such a great impact on our organization."

Jeremy Bowen
Charlotte Team Site Director
              Lake Erie Frozen Foods Facilities Manager, Chris Smith...
"After seeing the difference your program has made for Jason, I would highly recommend this program to other factories. Jason was always excited about what he learned each and every day especially the hands on learning that the Tech Center has to offer, if any company is on the fence about having employees trained at your facilities they should be rest assured that your Community Tech Center is a great asset to them. Thanks for all your help!!"
Chris Smith
Facilities Manager
Lake Erie Frozen Foods Mfg.
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“Transformation Network Has helped us create a more innovative approach to all of our specific staffing needs. This approach has created a more sound workforce that can adapt more efficiently and effectively.”


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"We've experienced an overall 62% retention rate with Transformation Network employees; some of these employees have even gone on to become some of our strongest performers."

Applicant & Employee Testimonials

Applicants and current/past employees have participated in our Pre-Employment Training  before placement. This Pre-Employment training is no-cost to our partnering manufacturers! Here is some feedback we received..

"Very different approach, a nice change of pace from your everyday temp agencies. Made me feel important and like this company cares."

"I was very impressed with the way you do things as far as the respect you show people and the way you are able to train people and get them to respond and work with each other. I will tell people I know about this company and recommend they come look."

"Very upbeat and professional"

"Very informative and seems to be a company I would love to work for."

"Very supportive and informative. I liked how it was very encouraging, I was treated with respect and dignity."

"Great class atmosphere. Love the faith based environment. Please do not regress into just another staffing agency. Love the great attitude and the games/exercises. Pretty neat."

"I enjoyed the application process. I feel that the process shows a lot in the company. The activities show people how to interact with peers and how to work within a time. Very different from most staffing agencies!"

"Unbelievable, impressive and thank you very much for all you and your family is doing for people like myself who want more and helping me to believe!"