Family Life Skills

Learn Family Life Skills That Will Change Your Life!

Transformation Network’s Family Life Skills Learning Center provides tools to improve your life and self-image. The goal is to increase each individual's capacity to function healthily in relationships, offering hope and, if possible, reconciliation. You will be treated with dignity and respect as you go through the healing process.

We help with: 

  • abusive and controlling behaviorHappy couple
  • marital and relational problems
  • controlling anger
  • breaking past unhealthy patterns
  • improving communication
  • learning forgiveness
  • accepting responsibility
  • developing trust

Our classes will teach you:

  • skills to change destructive behaviors
  • how to become aware of and process your feelings
  • to recognize how childhood trauma and wounds affect us into adulthood
  • conflict resolution
  • assertive communication
  • much more!

happy familyLearn to break free from behaviors that can cause strained, broken, or abusive relationships, and gain skills for healthy relational growth!

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