Community Tech Center

What Is a Community Tech Center?

Vision: Provide all community members with a viable alternative to college and make manufacturing popular again.
Mission: Develop a talented pool of skilled technicians to meet the needs of the local manufacturer.

  • A feeder system for manufacturers that develops a pool of qualified candidates for job openings.
  • The facility is equipped with industry-standard technology, training equipment and machines that are utilized in manufacturing.
  • A center that partners with local training providers to develop a feeder system for their training programs.
  •  A community-based career exploration and assessment facility that partners with local training providers to develop skilled technicians for local employers. 
  • A hands-on technology exploration, assessment and training facility.
  • An economic development program that brings value to local businesses and  attracts new businesses.

Individuals, organizations, community agencies, churches, schools and other entities can purchase Community Tech Center Memberships. Memberships allow the individuals or organizations dedicated time to work, experiment, be assessed and develop personalized training programs with our instructors, staff and facilitators.

People Will Learn Basic & Advanced Manufacturing Skills

  • Mechanical
  • Quality Assurance
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Automation, Robotic Systems & Programming
  • Fluid Power
  • CNC Mill & Lathe Certification & Exploration 


  • Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electricity/Electronics & PLC Equipment, Trainers & Benches 
  • Materials & Engineering Testing and Evaluation Equipment with Basic Precision Measurement and Gauging Trainers and Equipment
  • CNC Mills and CNC Lathes for Training Operators, Set-Up Personnel and Programmers

Virtual Trainers, ELearning & EAssessments

  • Virtual Trainers that replicate hands-on equipment
  • Web Portals for flexible training

            Hydraulics      CNC Robotics