Success Stories

  • Jim Mongiardo

    Plant Manager
    Tremco Inc.

    I give high praise to Transformation. Your organization was different from the typical contract agency, and your people did due diligence in our plant and set up screening appropriate for our positions. Our retention of temps went up.

  • Shelley McPeek

    On-Site Supervisor

    It was great having you guys come over today and have lunch with us. Thank you so much for the partnership this year. We truly could not have done it without you. Thanks for a good season!!!

  • Dr. Ben Gregg

    DDS, MS
    Gregg Orthodontics

    Thank you from everyone at Gregg Orthodontics for the awesome team building session today! We learned a lot and had fun doing it! You guys are awesome.

  • John Newby

    Vice President
    Munich Welding

    We tried other leadership training before. The training provided manuals and classroom instruction and it had some merit. But, when the Transformation Network approached us about their leadership training efforts it sounded like a different approach. They utilized a one-on-one approach along with relevant group hands-on activities that made a positive impact on our leadership team. . In fact it changed our on-boarding process. Since this training our leadership looks at work situations differently and our turnover rates have reduced. Excellent job Transformation Network.

  • Dave Braeunig

    General Manager
    Hedstrom Plastics

    Thanks for the update Dan.  As Jerred mentioned, we are confident in your ability to help move our staff ahead in leadership.

  • Jerred Copen

    Plant Manager
    Hedstrom Plastics

    I have seen improvements from the individuals that are attending the leadership training, I think it is clear that you do a good job with helping people become better.

  • Justin Bays

    Archway Cookies

    The technical training program has become part of our operator’s requirements for continued education. This program has done a good job of stretching our operators and helping them understand how to troubleshoot and fix small issues on the line.

  • Chris Smith

    Facilities Manager
    Lake Erie Frozen Foods Mfg.

    After seeing the difference your program has made for Jason, I would highly recommend this program to other factories. Jason was always excited about what he learned each and every day especially the hands on learning that the Tech Center has to offer, if any company is on the fence about having employees trained at your facilities they should be rest assured that your Community Tech Center is a great asset to them. Thanks for all your help!!

  • Jeremy Bowen

    Charlotte Team Site Director
    Snyder’s-Lance, inc.

    Thank you and your team for the outstanding training program you developed for our Ashland Manufacturing Plant. I was very impressed that while you provided a framework and training materials, you were able to modify the training based on our feedback and needs to create an impactful session for all of our associates. The survey results were phenomenal, showing tangible examples of our team putting the training into action to deliver business results. I’ve been given testimonials from our team that put this effort among the top training experiences our associates have had in their careers.

    Your team provided a level of needed training expertise that we did not readily have. The training allowed people to reflect on how they can improve as individuals to make a positive impact on the team around them. The teamwork, communication and conflict resolution skills have enabled us to move our culture forward as we build a stronger, empowered organization that exceeds business expectations.

    Thanks for making such a great impact on our organization.