The Transformation Network is a workforce-development organization dedicated to improving the lives of community members and strengthening local manufacturers. We understand that a significant challenge today’s manufacturers face is finding a motivated and skilled workforce to run their production facilities and operations. Through specialized pre-employment training initiatives, leadership training, technical training, and our Building Bridges to Industry program, the Transformation Network is creating a better worker, while at the same time providing an opportunity for members of the community to improve their lives and develop desirable workplace skills.

We offer a number of different services for job seekers and employers, and even offer advanced learning opportunities for high school students who may be interested in learning more about a career in manufacturing. The Transformation Network believes it is our responsibility to provide opportunity for individuals within our community, and one of the greatest opportunities that exists today is within our expanding and growing manufacturing base.


Transformation Network began as a ministry of Park Street Brethren Church of Ashland, Ohio. In July 1999, President/Founder Dan Phillip left the church to start Transformation Network on just $5,000 and the grace of God. Today, Transformation Network is now operating four offices and serving three states.